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~†Hellquin†~ [userpic]

well aint that a bitch?

January 12th, 2011 (10:54 pm)

....so...you know Nate? yeah Nate, the guy I did like? Well apparently he likes me.


so what happen was, I was just talking to him like normal since you know, I talk to everyone at work all the time, and I talked to him when I was smoking outside, like a good 20 minute convo, and he was actually interested in it (in truth he talked to me first)

so I was going to hang out with Kayla after work, and Kayla gets off and talks to another guy we work with and Nate shows up and talks to her, then suddenly out of nowhere he says to her:

Nate:"does Cheyenne like me?"

Kayla: "um...no? yes? i dont know who she likes..." (way to go kayla, if thats not a giant hint then I dont know what is)

Nate:"I think I like her too"

Kayla: "really? how can you tell?"

Nate:"I dont know, the vibe I get from her"

Kayla:"are you in a relationship?"

Nate:"well...kind of, I mean..sudo relationship"

Kayla:"I dunno what to tell you then"

Nate:"dont tell her I said that ok?"

..........L.O.FUCKING.L...jesus. well. She told me not to tell anyone, like I would. Im not going to go prancing around him like a retard, the fact that he likes me and TOLD KAYLA that just made me..ugh..I dont know. But if hes seeing someone right now then whatev, I wasnt planning on dating him I just like to look at him. I thought it was funny though, I didnt think he liked me like that at all, must of been the convo we had or something

~†Hellquin†~ [userpic]


December 31st, 2010 (07:40 pm)

Im waiting to go meet people at the closed bar...boo. I walked down there since I was going to get a beer and wait for everyone to meet up but it was closed, so as I walked back everyone called me and said they would still meet there and just drive to this party, apparently EVERYONE is going to be there :D

so today I went with my friend Kayla to get her industrial bar peircing, I had to wait at target till she got off and got to have a good talk with my eye candy (man hes SO cute) and when we went to get it done everyone was closing except this one place, and the moment we walked in there Kayla said "by the way your getting a pericing too, I dont want to do one alone." I was like...wtf no. But she said she was paying for it and ill just pay her back when I have extra money, so I got another cartalage peircing...so that makes 9 peircings in all!!! I love it too, it looks so boss, omg all three of them in looks amazing on that ear, Ill have to take a picture later. I had to hold Kaylas hand because hers hurt like a bitch, but I was totally calm for mine lol, she was like "WTF YOU DIDNT EVEN FLINCH" im all "cuz i know these ones dont hurt, ive got 4 of them."

so once 8:45 rolls around im ganna walk back to the horse and try not to slip on the ice, it snowed big time yesterday and its all cold out now, but the guy whos having the party is totally awesome, hes got all these nightmare before christmas tattoos on his arms, and hopefully everyone that works at the bar is going to be there. It sucks that my periode started yesterday, a fucking day early...Im ganna have a little talk to my doctor about getting off this steroid shit, its pissing me off, this is the 2nd periode for this month


~†Hellquin†~ [userpic]


December 5th, 2010 (09:22 pm)

OMG...okay, okay. So, my moms really good friend/partner Susie told us some AMAZING news today. So she had a gig and I went with her to help with the booth, mom shares one with Susie(since I helped her out as well she gave me a really cool Lakota language book) So we were all sitting there eating cookies and susie says this:

Susie: So they finally got done remodling the house across from me.

Me: You mean the cool one with the gargoyles in the front of it?

Susie: Yeah, Laurie(the lady who was selling it or something) said they put in a recording studio in the basement and totally re-did the whole place.


Susie: yeah, they have a brand new car they park out infront of my house and walk over to theirs.

Mom: a new car huh? they must be loaded then, thats a step up to who use to live there huh?

Susie: Well Laurie wanted to have all the neighbors meet so we had this party at the house, the guy was young, Laurie didnt give me his full name because she said it was all hush hush, so I ended up googling his name and it turns out it was either the singer from this band called 'modest mouse' or this christan singer, I figured the christian guy no one would really care about and be all hush hush, so I looked up the lead singer to that band and I saw his picture, and that was the man who moved in! Apparently he had to use his grandmothers name to get the house so no one would know about it.


Susie: Yeah, Ive never heard of them but apparently you have

Mom: Ive never heard of them either

Me: OMGOFNMDO;BUIGSFHI.NJKEFREYUSGLIH;OJ; I HAVE TO TEXT EVERYONE!! Can I like.....hang out at your house sometime? Mow your lawn or...like...shovel your snow?

Susie: lol you can go over there and ask for a cup of sugar!

.....so yeah.........I totally-TOTALLY hope we can stay at her place for the Indian Market, ill be staring out the window for any signs of him

~†Hellquin†~ [userpic]


November 9th, 2010 (10:26 pm)

SO...because of last month, my periode arrived 4 days early and now its all off D: therefore its going to start probably the day I leave...which is uber gay. Im already starting to feel REALLY tired, like I cant sit in one spot for more then 5 minutes without almost falling asleep.

cramping was never a problem with me, I just stay..very very medicated. Its the crazy tiredness, it always feels like theres no blood pumping through my veins and I get crazy dizzy......which pretty much means ill be extreemly calm during animeusa :D bonus I guess? Ill just have to drink 5 liters of water a day and go pee every 10 minutes (lol, its true) its so funny because even when im on my amazing break, I still dont get a break.....oh well. My life really sucks right now, Im already used to it.

anyway, so Im doing laundry right now, luckily Im still able to fit into some of my cloths that are cool, got all my jewlry together and im starting to pack (I got some snacks!) Im sure ill end up forgetting something at some point...yeah.

So johnny just gave me 25, and I made 70 bucks today with mom :D so I should have enough for merch and food, I r happeh.


~†Hellquin†~ [userpic]


November 7th, 2010 (05:03 pm)

One more day of working, then one more day working with mom, then one day to rest, THEN ITS OFF TO DC!!!!!!!!!...its ganna be AWESOME, I can already tell :) so much retarded...like, RETARDED retarded crap has been going on for like a month, Im sooooooooooooo looking forward to a god damn vacation!!! Away from everyone! from work! from people! from a never ending pile up of medical bills i cant pay! Im so excited~

also, Jackie if your getting saki then I think ill get some too....for myself lol, I havent drank in a while and since I got to miss the whole three days of halloween partying then its about god damn time >:( evil....

but anyway, so tomorrow depending on when my mom wants to come get me, ill do my laundry...maybe at her house, not sure yet. Make a list of stuff I need to get at work tomorrow (like snacks, I dont plan on spending money on food so im going to bring my own lol....well maybe one dine out with everyone or something) and...yeah, I need to fix one of my shirts because its lame...And I dont think Im going to dye my hair, too much work, my nails are done and my nose is peirced so im good with that. Oh yeah, and Im not bringing my computer...I think it might explode if I take it on another long distant trip.


~†Hellquin†~ [userpic]

fail fail FAIL

October 16th, 2010 (08:49 pm)

SO...today was lame. Its venting time!

yesterday, you know, the gayness of my appointment still stuck with me. So we go and pick up my nephews to spend some time with them since they were going to stay at moms for the night. The baby was SOOOOOOOO cute, I love that little but-nut so much, so on our way back to moms doug calls and says the pipes for the water flooded......so then the boys were depressed because that meant they couldnt stay the night, and doug says to mom "everytime cheyenne stays over this always happens!"

....I dunno....that just...struck a nerve, I felt really depressed and almost started crying because little Lakota was almost in tears because he was so dissapointed...BUT LUCKILY we just needed to go do something for a few hours and they could stay the night, the whole time Im like 'yeah ill try and not use the bathroom to ruin everyones time.' and moms all...you know, be quiet cheyenne bla bla, so im like yeah im not staying at your house anymore because that only happens at your place....bla bla....made me feel really bad...

......SO TODAY----I go to work and its like crazy busy, and my eye candy at work called in today....so I was very dissapointed and the whole day just went waaaaayyy downhill. I checked the scedual for the week of the 24th-30th....THEY GAVE ME 35 HOURS!??? WTF??? I put down twice I can only work 20, not to mention I work on my birthday (which isnt bad, I just wanted the 27th off..) so, ill call about it tomorrow and be like...wtf man, wtf.

so while im walking home in despair, I call mom up to ask how the boys were, and shes like "DID YOU JUST GET OFF?" Im all "no, Im just now walking home, I got off at 7" and she tells me "I could of picked you up! I was down by the foothills with the boys!".........so then I started leaving a pathedic trail of depression behind me as I walked and almost started crying again because everything just started to build up, and I have a saturday night off for once and NO ONE is able to come and hang out....*sips beer*

well, I have one friend thats coming over for a bit. BUT ANYWAY...........so yeah, I mean...I COULD work 35 hours just for that one week, but.....I would rather at least have that sunday/monday and my birthday off...

OH YEAH, NOT TO MENTION Candice told me when we picked my nephews up that Jason has been commenting on every-fucking-thing she has on her facebook, and as been telling her about our sex life.......WHAT...THE FLYING FUCK?????? Im going to refrain from sending him a raving message because...I might kill him...Im not sure which to do, BUT...I have enough sense and Im more mature then that stupid fuck that Im not doing a damn thing about it...

so.......yeah.........I really cant wait till anime usa, I need this so badly, I dont know if im able to make it till then, so much utter shit has been shitting on me just this week, im really afraid of next week.....I might break my arm or something horrible like that might happen

~†Hellquin†~ [userpic]


September 19th, 2010 (07:32 pm)

Ok...since im so out of the loop and I figured since the oni con band isnt really worth it, and 12012 is coming to anime usa (IHAVETOGONOW) I realised the only person I know thats coming for sure was Jackie and Andie............who else is going? Im going to get my pre reg badge this weekend after I get paid, so yeah....

I totally have to see wataru, I havent seen him since oni con ;_; booo

~†Hellquin†~ [userpic]


June 21st, 2007 (01:22 pm)

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But yes, if you want to friend me to see my awsome-ness, then POST HERE....and maybe I will add you...MAYBE

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