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~†Hellquin†~ [userpic]


August 12th, 2011 (02:55 pm)

this month has just been super, super weird. First off, all that gayness that happened, second is I keep trying to pay my comcast bill but it wont go through because my paycheck isnt totally in the clear yet.....gayness.

And another thing, Mister British pants hugged me today O_o...yeah...hugged me because I gave him a cigarette. I dunno whats going on with him, either hes just being friendly or what, but Im not a cheater D:< aw well, I had a weird day the wholllllle day. And next week is going to be brutal. I have a whole 40 hours and its alllllllllllll sales floor. I only had one day of training and that was for softlines....I dont know how to do anything else >_> sketchy skecth.