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~†Hellquin†~ [userpic]

im batman

July 2nd, 2011 (02:49 pm)

I doubt anyone really reads this anymore, but I like to keep updating it since I can go back and read events that I forgot about...ahh getting old.

So me and mom went to this native american resturant for a blues concert by this native actor(he was in smoke signals and a bunch of other indian movies) he was totally nice and of course we didn't bring our cameras, that was the second famous guy I met in the month of June and both times I didnt have my fucking camera, how lame.

But anyway, Texas was actually REALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLY fun. Who knew in the course of 6 years my cousins would become really cool? We drank everynight (I only drank once, but I stayed up with them) and we were stoned....alot....like, wow. But it was actually really really fun, but super fucking hot.

We went to the cemetary and said happy birthday to dads grave...it felt weird being back there after so long, but it was midnight and it was his birthday, so we had to.

I almost cried since I never really spent any time with mema, I finally went to her house on sunday and spent a couple of hours with her looking through old photo albums of my dad

AND GUESS WHAT I FOUND!??? I found a picture of me and my dad when I was like 1, he made johnny a batman costume for halloween and I cried so much to wear it that he finally let me wear it, and theres a picture of my daddy holding me when Im wearing the batman costume!! I TOLD YOU IVE ALWAYS BEEN A BATMAN FAN!!! HAHAAAAA!!

...anyway, I got to reconnect with Misty, she tried to bring some of my stuff but....I couldn't really take any of it, I told her I was sorry but I couldnt take any of it with me, so she said she was going to send it to me later....I dont really care if she does or not since I no longer have ANY room for any of it.

so all in all, awesome trip. I want to go back again soon to spend actual time with mema, if not spend time then just be around her...shes getting pretty old now and I know she wont be with us much longer, and Im going to just completley die inside once she passes.....so I need to spend more time with her, I told them I would watch the flights and maybe go in october for the jameriie thing they have goin on