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My name is Helli, I would tell you my real name but your not cool enough....lol, no, its Cheyenne

I am 22 years old

Lets see....I like (in short) E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G Japanese, that means anime, manga, games, food, men, you get the idea. I love Sci Fi, not too much fantasy, but Im a pretty big horror buff, especially cult classics <3 (PUPPET MASTER 4 LIFE)

my favorite thing in the world is movies, horror movies, Japanese rock bands, uh....the..Batman..annd uh....video games..

My journal is mostly me...talking about the sexy sidewalks, yeah D: there crazy awesome

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12012, aile, alice in wonderland, alice nine, animals, anime, anime conventions, arcade, art, batman, beer, bis, black stuff, blue, blue hair, books, buck tick, candy, cartoons, chainsaws, charlie chaplin, chocolate, coffee, coke cans, coke machines, colored hair, crotches, d'espairsray, death note, death trance, devil may cry, devil may cry 3, die, dies penis, dir en grey, dirge of cerberus, dragons, drawing, escaflowne, ffix, ffvii, ffviii, ffx, fighter games, final fantasy, final fantasy vii, final fantasy viii, fire, food, friends, gazette, ghost, ghost busters, gravitation, hands off!, haunting, hide, hisashi, hizumi, horror games, hot asian men, ichi the killer, ichiban noodles, infection, internet, j-rock, japan, japanese, japanese horror, japanese movies, johnny depp, joker, karyu, karyu pick throwing, kenzi, kenzis penis, kh: com, kingdom hearts, kingdom hearts 2, kirito, kyo, kyos penis, loveless, mad hatter, malice mizer, manga, medal gear solid, metal gear solid, movies, music, nana the movie, naruto, native americans, newspapers, nightwing, norman reedus, older men, optimus prime, painting, peenies, penicillin nano, pennywise the dancing clown, photography, pirates of the carabian, playstation, pocky, premonition, pyramid head, quarters, ramen noodles, resident evil, resident evil 4, resident evil series, ringu, rpgs, scarecrow, seek, sephiroth, sex machineguns, silent hill, silver hair, sleepy hollow, smoking, socks, sony, spiv, stephen king, suicide ali, suicide club, tarot cafe, tattoos, tetsuya nomura, the eye, the x files, tokyo, transformers, traveling, versus, video games, wakanda, wataru, werewolves, wolves, x japan, zombie games