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September 20th, 2011 (11:06 am)

ok, so Ive been ignoring this place lol. A BUNCH of stuff has happened, some of you may think little of me because of it, but bleh.

Ok, so like....two or three months ago I had a one night stand at a party D: never doing that again, it was lame and SOOOO not worth it, but I was lonley and...yeah, I know the guy and hes a major slut (dont worry, I didnt catch anything, SAFE SEX PEOPLE) he ended up going home with MY FRIEND like a week later....wasn't sure how to take it, but me and my friend talked it over and we both realized he prayed on drunk chicks (which I wasnt drunk at the time, just really really high)

but anyway, so Kayla (my brofist) started school again, and in her film class there was this dude that looked like Mclovin from superbad. She said he went to the hookah house all the time and wanted to hang, so I came with her. My first impression was he was a total geek and just adorable. But then allllll he talked about was sex D: so suddenly he turned into another man whore, he was very open about sex and it was...well it wasnt weird, but I was like '...no...'

So we hung out again the next night and he wanted to sign my boobs O_o I was like...thats only for jrockers bro lol. It was weird because he wasnt like that around other people, just around me. SO.....we hang out a few more times and it was..um...interesting....then a few weeks later SOMEHOW we got to the discussion of going out? There was kissing involved and yeah....

So I sort of have a boyfriend, sort of as in not sure what we are exactly, hes not a man whore but Im not the jealous type, so I told him he could talk and hang out with chicks but he couldnt date anyone or you know...anything. Anyway, so its weird. hes a weird guy, sweet as hell and I seem to be the only person who really knows him (as in hes a HUGE geek like me) hes a weed dealer so he has to act a certian way and bla bla bla, but its fun. With jason he was around me ALLLLL the time and never let me have time to myself, and with Keith I see him twice a week and I think it keeps it fresh, I like not seeing him constantly.

oh yeah, so I lost 30 pounds.....lol.....and my hair is chopped off ;_; its down to my shoulders now, it use to be way longer


Posted by: Li (peacefulrapture)
Posted at: September 20th, 2011 07:00 pm (UTC)

Yay for new guys! At least you don't have to worry about him clinging to your leg constantly like Jason did. Man, he was a creep. Hope this guy doesn't turn out to be a weirdo too, but since you two seem all chillaxin' then that's a good sign. =D

Also, yay for hair cuts and weight loss! I wanna cut my hair, but I also kinda like it long. It's a love-hate relationship with my hair, lolz.

Posted by: ~†Hellquin†~ (hellquin)
Posted at: September 21st, 2011 05:03 am (UTC)

I know me too, not sure if I should keep it this short or not...

see the only problem with keith is...Im not sure if I can call him my boyfriend...like, I understand our relationship but hes kind of hard to understand sometimes, and when we're together we dont really talk about 'where we see this going' so for now I just call him my manwhore...lol...and he cant meet my mom lol

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