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the gayness continues....

August 10th, 2011 (12:58 am)

...ok....so my morning started with a VERY weird and very disturbing dream.

The dream: The first half of it was about me and a bunch of indians from like....1800-ish are fighting off zombie white settlers that get distracted by money....anyway, so then the dream changes to me having to go back through middle school even though I graduated...it was like Billy Madison or something, but like SUPER serious, like it wasnt a game and I really had to sit through class and do the homework and all that shit. But anyway, APPARENTLY.....Tomas, the british guy from work is like allllll over the dream. Hes apparently my 'boyfriend' like he would come up and hug me and come to the school on his lunch break to make out with me, AND GET THIS....he was still with his fiance...wtf dude, wtf. In the dream I was a little 'omg get off me your fiance is right there' and we would stop holding hands when she walked by......the dream was so real it was retarded, I woke up all thinking that ACTUALLY happened D:

.......so anyway, that was how my morning started off, the other part was my bank. Ok......so...my landlord is an asshole and NEVER fixes ANYTHING, EVER. I am the only one out of this whole appartment complex that actually complains, I mean WHAT THE FUCK, THE DRYER IS BUSTED???????? And its been....a month? Ok, so someone isnt doing their fucking job.

That being said, since he doesnt do shit about anything, he takes it appon himself to deposit our rent checks the fucking second he gets them. He neeeeeeeeeevvvverrrr deposits them until around the 17th, but this time he did because...I dont even know. So since I got paid shit last month I only had 512 in my bank account, and rent is 525. So since fuckhead deposited the check, I was overdrawn in my account by 12 dollars.


Wondering why my card was denied I checked up on it and discovered I was overdrawn. But since it was 11 at night and I had no money to deposit, I waited until saturday. Saturday comes and I get 40 bucks from mom (my dog sitting money) to put into the bank.

APPARENTLY saturday isnt a buisness day. Therefore since it had two motherfucking days to sit in the bank I got fucking charged 35 bucks.

So from -12 to adding 60 to my account, being charged 35 for overdraft, buying a subway (8 bucks) to another bill for only 20 bucks..........somehow that 60 I put in turned into a NEGATIVE 15 FUCKING BUCKS...WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK???? So I angerly went back to the bank and deposited 40 so that stupid fucking 20 dollar bill wouldnt become overdraft, therefore making me pay MORE money then what I just fucking put in.

OMG...I was so mad I was shaking. I have no money for comcast, so Ill have to pay late charges for that, I also cant even pay my co payment for the doctor when I see him on thursday. So in all my anger I texted my landlord telling him in a very bitchy way "Oh yeah Ive noticed our screen door has been busted for a month now. Do I need to call the real manager to get it fixed?" lol. then he replied all OMGSOSORRY ILL BE THERE TOMORROW TO FIX IT AND CALL THE PEOPLE THAT OWN THE DRYER..............like wow, it took him that long to finally do something? fucking asshole. Do your fucking job already.

Theres about...20 other things that are just gay, BUT...so that stevie nicks concert at red rocks was AWESOME!!!...we had the 200+ seats, and we had a reaaalllly good veiw of the stage, totally hope I get to see inqubus!

....so besides all that shit, something is seriously wrong with my gums, Im getting a gengivitus like symptom which actually is caused by CHEMO...FUCK YOU RITUXAN, FUCK YOU UP THE ASS!!!!

so its not healing even though I brush twice a day and use mouthwash and baking soda........pretty sure its real, and its getting worse. Hopefully my doctor can do something about it.