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July 31st, 2011 (10:28 pm)

maaaan. So remember that british guy at work I was talking about? So the last few days hes been flirty and whatever, he'll come and say hi to me(and just me) when he comes in to work or you know...whatever, and he always gets in a lane next to mine.

SO TODAY, we both get off at the same time, and he gives me a ride home. Im all thinking in the back of my mind 'hey maybe hes going to ask me out' since we're all talking about bars and stuff. So anyway, he gives me a ride and hes all saying how his car is a chicks car. And Im like...cool, whos car is it then? And he says 'My fiance's'


So I change the subject and ask him if he was born in England or here, he says England and his dad is American and the first 4 years he was here he was a total whore, and sometimes chicks slip him a phone number while hes cashiering.

....fuck. Well...maybe Im just like...reading signals wrong or something. I seem to be doing that ALOT lately. I mean ill still talk to him and everything like I do with Nate, but man......that would of been great if he didnt have a fiance..

Im starting to think Im like the cool tomboy chick that guys like to be around thats not a lesbian, but no one would date because Im too sarcastic and too much of a comic book nerd D: i be sad. I dont really feel like changing my image because I like who I am, its just sad though. Aw well, MAYBE ONE DAY WHEN IM 34 ILL MEET THE RIGHT GUY


Posted by: Mini zumi (hizumis_crotch)
Posted at: August 4th, 2011 12:13 am (UTC)
Hankyung batmobile

Wow, that's unexpected... lol

Sokay, we can be forever alone together. I seem to only attract really super awkward nerdy guys that aren't that great looking. ;\

Posted by: ~†Hellquin†~ (hellquin)
Posted at: August 5th, 2011 02:12 am (UTC)

I thought something was actually going to happen, but no. Its so weird too because he flirts with me really badly.


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