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June 14th, 2011 (08:17 pm)

OMG...so..today was awesome as shit!

So I get up, I end up getting there waaaay too early, and Kayla gives me a call and apparently she wants to do the extra thing with me, so she shows up too (I was sooooo glad to have my buddy there) The room fills up with fucking....teenagers, loud and annoying little children....especially the blond with the RETARDED bow in her hair, oh god...

It was pretty much just waiting around...in a room...for a lonnnnng time. The first scene we were in was in the hallway, at first all the extras got to go on but it was too cluttered so me and Kayla were cut (it was cool though I knew we would get a better chance) And it was a part with Dean Cain in it (I was star struck for a few minutes but after that I was fine, APPARENTLY IM THE ONLY ONE OUT OF ALL THE EXTRAS WHO USE TO WATCH LOUIS AND CLARK WHEN I WAS LITTLE) I use to have such a crush on him even though I dont really like superman...but anyway..

So after another hour of waiting they wanted us to go back in the hallway and record our footsteps...like, all of us not just the ones who got to be in the shot. Me and Kayla joked about 'If we aren't in this movie at all then at least our footsteps are in it!" So we go back and wait...another hour...then go into this big classroom where we all sit down, luckily me and Kayla were closest to the chick so she told us we were the few that got to sit up front when we walked in (it was a big classroom with steps and tables, kind of like a college classroom) so we got to be third row up front!

...we did about 7 or 8 takes of us walking into the room, pretending to talk to eachother and not make any noise, go sit in our seats, continue to talk, the lights flicker (which happens alot in the movie) pretend not to notice it, and then cut..........that happened about 8 times. It was fun though, I walked right behind Dean and the lead chick so Im TOTALLY IN THE MOVIE FOR TWO SECONDS!!!!

After that take they just did other angles of them talking, we were all in our chairs (which btw, Dean and the chick were right by me and Kayla....Dean has a very...very...toned ass.)

So between the cuts we just talked, the directors son is one of the extras in the movie and gets parts in it, he was sitting behind us and we got to make friends with him. He loved our humor (hes only 16 but hes so cute!) And Dean actually sat across from me and I had a very awesome conversation with him...HE-IS-SO-FUCKING-NICE-I-WANT-TO-DIE!!!!! OMG...HE IS SOOOO SO NICE!!!! I was totally not nervous talking to him at all, hes just such an amazing guy and a great actor ommmmg....omg...wow....I had fun. We all made jokes about Saber (the directors son) and Dean was in on it, god it was just so awesome! I felt so cool because me and Kayla were the only...older extras there and more mature I thought. There were two kids behind us with Saber but they didn't really....give anything to the conversation, the one dude who I wanted to punch kept trying to chime in but only embarrased himself. It was...so amazing. I told Kayla we HAD to see this movie when it came out!

All the other annoying kids sat up on the higher seats the entire time, it was weird. I would of felt bad for them but...one of the chicks was a miss prissy BITCH to me so she needed to fucking stay up there out of shot, and the other ones were annoying. Plus the chick with the bow was talking about me when I left the extras room (me and Kayla stayed in the hallway because the fucking children were too loud, she was sitting by the wall and saw them look at me weird then whisper to eachother) We kept looking back at them and they all looked....sooo pissed...here we were talking to the actors and staff AND the director (whos pretty cool) and his son, and they were up there sulking and out of shot.

Even when we left finally they didn't get another shot of them, they were done for the day and we saw Dean walk off to his trailer......god those kids sucked...but besides them it was AMAZING!!

heres the movie: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1877707/

and heres Dean: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0001002/