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September 20th, 2011 (11:06 am)

ok, so Ive been ignoring this place lol. A BUNCH of stuff has happened, some of you may think little of me because of it, but bleh.

Ok, so like....two or three months ago I had a one night stand at a party D: never doing that again, it was lame and SOOOO not worth it, but I was lonley and...yeah, I know the guy and hes a major slut (dont worry, I didnt catch anything, SAFE SEX PEOPLE) he ended up going home with MY FRIEND like a week later....wasn't sure how to take it, but me and my friend talked it over and we both realized he prayed on drunk chicks (which I wasnt drunk at the time, just really really high)

but anyway, so Kayla (my brofist) started school again, and in her film class there was this dude that looked like Mclovin from superbad. She said he went to the hookah house all the time and wanted to hang, so I came with her. My first impression was he was a total geek and just adorable. But then allllll he talked about was sex D: so suddenly he turned into another man whore, he was very open about sex and it was...well it wasnt weird, but I was like '...no...'

So we hung out again the next night and he wanted to sign my boobs O_o I was like...thats only for jrockers bro lol. It was weird because he wasnt like that around other people, just around me. SO.....we hang out a few more times and it was..um...interesting....then a few weeks later SOMEHOW we got to the discussion of going out? There was kissing involved and yeah....

So I sort of have a boyfriend, sort of as in not sure what we are exactly, hes not a man whore but Im not the jealous type, so I told him he could talk and hang out with chicks but he couldnt date anyone or you know...anything. Anyway, so its weird. hes a weird guy, sweet as hell and I seem to be the only person who really knows him (as in hes a HUGE geek like me) hes a weed dealer so he has to act a certian way and bla bla bla, but its fun. With jason he was around me ALLLLL the time and never let me have time to myself, and with Keith I see him twice a week and I think it keeps it fresh, I like not seeing him constantly.

oh yeah, so I lost 30 pounds.....lol.....and my hair is chopped off ;_; its down to my shoulders now, it use to be way longer

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August 12th, 2011 (02:55 pm)

this month has just been super, super weird. First off, all that gayness that happened, second is I keep trying to pay my comcast bill but it wont go through because my paycheck isnt totally in the clear yet.....gayness.

And another thing, Mister British pants hugged me today O_o...yeah...hugged me because I gave him a cigarette. I dunno whats going on with him, either hes just being friendly or what, but Im not a cheater D:< aw well, I had a weird day the wholllllle day. And next week is going to be brutal. I have a whole 40 hours and its alllllllllllll sales floor. I only had one day of training and that was for softlines....I dont know how to do anything else >_> sketchy skecth.

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the gayness continues....

August 10th, 2011 (12:58 am)

...ok....so my morning started with a VERY weird and very disturbing dream.

The dream: The first half of it was about me and a bunch of indians from like....1800-ish are fighting off zombie white settlers that get distracted by money....anyway, so then the dream changes to me having to go back through middle school even though I graduated...it was like Billy Madison or something, but like SUPER serious, like it wasnt a game and I really had to sit through class and do the homework and all that shit. But anyway, APPARENTLY.....Tomas, the british guy from work is like allllll over the dream. Hes apparently my 'boyfriend' like he would come up and hug me and come to the school on his lunch break to make out with me, AND GET THIS....he was still with his fiance...wtf dude, wtf. In the dream I was a little 'omg get off me your fiance is right there' and we would stop holding hands when she walked by......the dream was so real it was retarded, I woke up all thinking that ACTUALLY happened D:

.......so anyway, that was how my morning started off, the other part was my bank. Ok......so...my landlord is an asshole and NEVER fixes ANYTHING, EVER. I am the only one out of this whole appartment complex that actually complains, I mean WHAT THE FUCK, THE DRYER IS BUSTED???????? And its been....a month? Ok, so someone isnt doing their fucking job.

That being said, since he doesnt do shit about anything, he takes it appon himself to deposit our rent checks the fucking second he gets them. He neeeeeeeeeevvvverrrr deposits them until around the 17th, but this time he did because...I dont even know. So since I got paid shit last month I only had 512 in my bank account, and rent is 525. So since fuckhead deposited the check, I was overdrawn in my account by 12 dollars.


Wondering why my card was denied I checked up on it and discovered I was overdrawn. But since it was 11 at night and I had no money to deposit, I waited until saturday. Saturday comes and I get 40 bucks from mom (my dog sitting money) to put into the bank.

APPARENTLY saturday isnt a buisness day. Therefore since it had two motherfucking days to sit in the bank I got fucking charged 35 bucks.

So from -12 to adding 60 to my account, being charged 35 for overdraft, buying a subway (8 bucks) to another bill for only 20 bucks..........somehow that 60 I put in turned into a NEGATIVE 15 FUCKING BUCKS...WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK???? So I angerly went back to the bank and deposited 40 so that stupid fucking 20 dollar bill wouldnt become overdraft, therefore making me pay MORE money then what I just fucking put in.

OMG...I was so mad I was shaking. I have no money for comcast, so Ill have to pay late charges for that, I also cant even pay my co payment for the doctor when I see him on thursday. So in all my anger I texted my landlord telling him in a very bitchy way "Oh yeah Ive noticed our screen door has been busted for a month now. Do I need to call the real manager to get it fixed?" lol. then he replied all OMGSOSORRY ILL BE THERE TOMORROW TO FIX IT AND CALL THE PEOPLE THAT OWN THE DRYER..............like wow, it took him that long to finally do something? fucking asshole. Do your fucking job already.

Theres about...20 other things that are just gay, BUT...so that stevie nicks concert at red rocks was AWESOME!!!...we had the 200+ seats, and we had a reaaalllly good veiw of the stage, totally hope I get to see inqubus!

....so besides all that shit, something is seriously wrong with my gums, Im getting a gengivitus like symptom which actually is caused by CHEMO...FUCK YOU RITUXAN, FUCK YOU UP THE ASS!!!!

so its not healing even though I brush twice a day and use mouthwash and baking soda........pretty sure its real, and its getting worse. Hopefully my doctor can do something about it.

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ohhhh gay

August 5th, 2011 (07:05 pm)

So this cashier at work just turned 21, her and a couple of other people are going to down to pearl to bar hop. I know this girl and I know all the people going with her, what I dont understand is...how come I wasnt invited? D: I mean...I try to invite people to stuff all the time, I dunno it gave me a weird feeling....I got invited but not by her, its really weird. I was probably the first person she was close to when she started working there, and now its like 'oh hey cheyenne -walk off-'

Dude something weird is going on with me, the past two weeks have been crazy. Do I come off as annoying or something? I dont get it.....

...well anyway, I have friends that are coming with me to the horse to play bingo tonight, so fuck it if they dont show up or not (I know they aren't, so Im going to have fun by myself)

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July 31st, 2011 (10:28 pm)

maaaan. So remember that british guy at work I was talking about? So the last few days hes been flirty and whatever, he'll come and say hi to me(and just me) when he comes in to work or you know...whatever, and he always gets in a lane next to mine.

SO TODAY, we both get off at the same time, and he gives me a ride home. Im all thinking in the back of my mind 'hey maybe hes going to ask me out' since we're all talking about bars and stuff. So anyway, he gives me a ride and hes all saying how his car is a chicks car. And Im like...cool, whos car is it then? And he says 'My fiance's'


So I change the subject and ask him if he was born in England or here, he says England and his dad is American and the first 4 years he was here he was a total whore, and sometimes chicks slip him a phone number while hes cashiering.

....fuck. Well...maybe Im just like...reading signals wrong or something. I seem to be doing that ALOT lately. I mean ill still talk to him and everything like I do with Nate, but man......that would of been great if he didnt have a fiance..

Im starting to think Im like the cool tomboy chick that guys like to be around thats not a lesbian, but no one would date because Im too sarcastic and too much of a comic book nerd D: i be sad. I dont really feel like changing my image because I like who I am, its just sad though. Aw well, MAYBE ONE DAY WHEN IM 34 ILL MEET THE RIGHT GUY

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oh Oni con and dir en grey gayness

July 19th, 2011 (11:16 pm)

I had a RETARDED crazy stupid week last week....yeah...not going into details but...it was pretty crazy...lets not do that again shall we?

..anyway, SO IM FINALLY OFF MY STEROIDS!!! YUYEAHHHHHHH!!!!! Its ganna be awesome from here, I can feel it in my bones.

So Im waiting patiently for dir en grey tickets to go on sale.....I dont even think ive heard any of their new stuff...do they even have a new cd out? I am like so out of the jrock loop its not eeeeevvvveennnnnn funny. But I have been going to concerts, and they have been amazing. Mom might actually get BACK STAGE PASSES to Stevie Nicks concert at red rocks........Im not really that big of a fan of hers, but that would be awesome to get backstage, like...with actual passes. yes. If she IS in the loop, then fuckin A I totally want backstage passes to INCUBUS!!!! There playing late in August...omg I would wet my pants if I got backstage for that, omggg...my inner fangirl would explode all over the place.

So yeah, I looked to see who was playing at Onicon, and its...a band that reminds me of P.L.C....but ninjas. Not sure if I could make it anyway, it looks fun and all but I might be going to Gilmer Texas for a wedding...I dunno depending on when it is I might be able to make it I dunno, we'll see.

...oh lol. I just found out how to buy V.I.P tickets for dir en grey..apparently there 150, which I guess is okay. I would get it but Im probably going with my friend and I doubt she would want to spend that much for a band she doesnt even know ): aw wells, maybe next time

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quack tastic

July 8th, 2011 (09:18 pm)

so at work there starting to get on me for not selling red cards for like 2 months..........fucking gay. I finally got one today after reaching out to my friends to come and apply for one while I was there, but I ended up getting one all by myself so they would leave me alone.

BUT omg, so theres this cute british guy at work that I think likes me. He calls me Batman, and he keeps teasing me like a 5 year old, and trying to poke me, hes so cute. If he works later then me then hes always like "would you like to stay till 11!? yeah!!" so I would be around when he is, and today I saw him getting off and he offered to take my shift for me but I needed it so I refused.

I like him, but Im not asking him out. He has to do it, which I think might be soon, hes really cool and I LOVE his accent, british people are awesome

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im batman

July 2nd, 2011 (02:49 pm)

I doubt anyone really reads this anymore, but I like to keep updating it since I can go back and read events that I forgot about...ahh getting old.

So me and mom went to this native american resturant for a blues concert by this native actor(he was in smoke signals and a bunch of other indian movies) he was totally nice and of course we didn't bring our cameras, that was the second famous guy I met in the month of June and both times I didnt have my fucking camera, how lame.

But anyway, Texas was actually REALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLY fun. Who knew in the course of 6 years my cousins would become really cool? We drank everynight (I only drank once, but I stayed up with them) and we were stoned....alot....like, wow. But it was actually really really fun, but super fucking hot.

We went to the cemetary and said happy birthday to dads grave...it felt weird being back there after so long, but it was midnight and it was his birthday, so we had to.

I almost cried since I never really spent any time with mema, I finally went to her house on sunday and spent a couple of hours with her looking through old photo albums of my dad

AND GUESS WHAT I FOUND!??? I found a picture of me and my dad when I was like 1, he made johnny a batman costume for halloween and I cried so much to wear it that he finally let me wear it, and theres a picture of my daddy holding me when Im wearing the batman costume!! I TOLD YOU IVE ALWAYS BEEN A BATMAN FAN!!! HAHAAAAA!!

...anyway, I got to reconnect with Misty, she tried to bring some of my stuff but....I couldn't really take any of it, I told her I was sorry but I couldnt take any of it with me, so she said she was going to send it to me later....I dont really care if she does or not since I no longer have ANY room for any of it.

so all in all, awesome trip. I want to go back again soon to spend actual time with mema, if not spend time then just be around her...shes getting pretty old now and I know she wont be with us much longer, and Im going to just completley die inside once she passes.....so I need to spend more time with her, I told them I would watch the flights and maybe go in october for the jameriie thing they have goin on

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June 14th, 2011 (08:17 pm)

OMG...so..today was awesome as shit!

So I get up, I end up getting there waaaay too early, and Kayla gives me a call and apparently she wants to do the extra thing with me, so she shows up too (I was sooooo glad to have my buddy there) The room fills up with fucking....teenagers, loud and annoying little children....especially the blond with the RETARDED bow in her hair, oh god...

It was pretty much just waiting around...in a room...for a lonnnnng time. The first scene we were in was in the hallway, at first all the extras got to go on but it was too cluttered so me and Kayla were cut (it was cool though I knew we would get a better chance) And it was a part with Dean Cain in it (I was star struck for a few minutes but after that I was fine, APPARENTLY IM THE ONLY ONE OUT OF ALL THE EXTRAS WHO USE TO WATCH LOUIS AND CLARK WHEN I WAS LITTLE) I use to have such a crush on him even though I dont really like superman...but anyway..

So after another hour of waiting they wanted us to go back in the hallway and record our footsteps...like, all of us not just the ones who got to be in the shot. Me and Kayla joked about 'If we aren't in this movie at all then at least our footsteps are in it!" So we go back and wait...another hour...then go into this big classroom where we all sit down, luckily me and Kayla were closest to the chick so she told us we were the few that got to sit up front when we walked in (it was a big classroom with steps and tables, kind of like a college classroom) so we got to be third row up front!

...we did about 7 or 8 takes of us walking into the room, pretending to talk to eachother and not make any noise, go sit in our seats, continue to talk, the lights flicker (which happens alot in the movie) pretend not to notice it, and then cut..........that happened about 8 times. It was fun though, I walked right behind Dean and the lead chick so Im TOTALLY IN THE MOVIE FOR TWO SECONDS!!!!

After that take they just did other angles of them talking, we were all in our chairs (which btw, Dean and the chick were right by me and Kayla....Dean has a very...very...toned ass.)

So between the cuts we just talked, the directors son is one of the extras in the movie and gets parts in it, he was sitting behind us and we got to make friends with him. He loved our humor (hes only 16 but hes so cute!) And Dean actually sat across from me and I had a very awesome conversation with him...HE-IS-SO-FUCKING-NICE-I-WANT-TO-DIE!!!!! OMG...HE IS SOOOO SO NICE!!!! I was totally not nervous talking to him at all, hes just such an amazing guy and a great actor ommmmg....omg...wow....I had fun. We all made jokes about Saber (the directors son) and Dean was in on it, god it was just so awesome! I felt so cool because me and Kayla were the only...older extras there and more mature I thought. There were two kids behind us with Saber but they didn't really....give anything to the conversation, the one dude who I wanted to punch kept trying to chime in but only embarrased himself. It was...so amazing. I told Kayla we HAD to see this movie when it came out!

All the other annoying kids sat up on the higher seats the entire time, it was weird. I would of felt bad for them but...one of the chicks was a miss prissy BITCH to me so she needed to fucking stay up there out of shot, and the other ones were annoying. Plus the chick with the bow was talking about me when I left the extras room (me and Kayla stayed in the hallway because the fucking children were too loud, she was sitting by the wall and saw them look at me weird then whisper to eachother) We kept looking back at them and they all looked....sooo pissed...here we were talking to the actors and staff AND the director (whos pretty cool) and his son, and they were up there sulking and out of shot.

Even when we left finally they didn't get another shot of them, they were done for the day and we saw Dean walk off to his trailer......god those kids sucked...but besides them it was AMAZING!!

heres the movie: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1877707/

and heres Dean: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0001002/

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Denver March Pow wow!

March 21st, 2011 (12:40 am)

oh wow, I ended up having SO MUCH FUN at the pow wow! I couldn't work saturday but I worked today with mom and ended up making her a bunch of sales while she was off buying stuff.

I met this REALLY cute guy, his name is Tony and hes in the National Guard visiting relatives...we talked for like 20 minutes, he ended up caving and bought a necklace that was 50 bucks. AND OMG HIS JOB IS TO DRIVE THE TANKS!!!! He showed me pictures of them and everything, ommmmg its so cool! Too bad he lives in Seattle though, we kind of hand somethin there....man he was hot...indian solider boy mmmmh mmh

...but anyway, so I finally got to talk to Kazuha and she said Rui and Yota were probably okay since they lived in safe areas, so thats good at least. She also said everyone was way over reacting to what was going on, everyone was doing okay and recovering from it lol

I really want to go back to the gym ): but every time I get a day off now its 'come hang out with me' or something, I mean its not that bad its just.....I really want to go lol.

oh yes, and Morgan really is no longer working at target ): sooooo sad. I put a message on craigslist but you know......thats lame

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